This Week In Actual Movie Taglines

A look at the taglines for this week's major releases. How do studios try to hook us when they only have a sentence?

Dear John

Actual tagline: What would you do with a letter that changed everything?

Why do so many taglines have to be phrased as inane questions? It adds nothing. I don't know what I would do, poster- read it? Burn it in a waste-basket? What does anyone do with letters? The trailer is exactly how you think it will be- sickenly Sparksian. The worst offense is that Channing Tatum's soldier character is actually named John, thus the title is not a metaphor.

From Paris With Love

Actual tagline: Two Agents. One City. No Merci.

I see what you did there, movie. Though I ironically say "no thanks" to what you're offering me, which is what your lame pun translates as. Both poster and trailer seem pretty proud that this is by the director of Taken, but I think they underestimate how much it was Liam Neeson's "I Will Kill You In The Face!" performance that made that movie not-forgettable.

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