Oscarthon: Best Costume Design

Moving on, we come to a category wherein I've only seen one of the five nominees. Guesswork it is, although reputation seems to matter a lot to costumers.

1. Bright Star- Janet Patterson (0 for 3)

This is Patterson's third nomination for her work with director Jane Campion- I'm sure the work is admirable, but nobody saw this film.

2. Coco before Chanel- Catherine Leterrier (0 for 0)

I'd be surprised for a rookie to win here- especially since the consensus about the film seemed to be mostly "Who cares about Coco before Chanel?" I would assume the odd choice of focus led to some missed costuming opportunities.

3. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus- Monique Prudhomme (0 for 0)

Number of Oscars won by any Terry Gilliam film: 1, for Mercedes Ruehl in The Fisher King. They always deserve to win in costumes and art direction, but they never do. It's a fact.

4. Nine- Colleen Atwood (2 for 8)

My gut is telling me that Atwood takes this- this is based mostly on her win for Rob Marshall's Chicago, and the reputation of Nine as being pretty to look at, but little else. Plus, none of the other nominees have any buzz.

5. The Young Victoria- Sandy Powell (2 for 7)

The biggest potential spoiler- some might even say it's foolish of me not to back the period piece, since The Duchess , Elizabeth: The Golden Age, and Marie Antoionette took the last three awards despite similar lackluster receptions. Hmmm....

Box Office breaks the tie: Nine ekes by at $38 million to $24 million worldwide.

ETA: The Young Victoria takes the guild award, so I'm officially reversing this pick as of 2/25/10. I'm allowed to do these things.

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