Oscarthon: Best Makeup

Let's knock off the other three nominee category. If only I knew anything at all about makeup...

1. Il Divo- Aldo Signoretti (0 for 2) and Vittorio Sodano (0 for 2)

Unheralded Italian film scores its lone nomination for the makeup team from Apocalypto. Since this is a biopic of Giulio Andreotti, I will assume this is an old-age makeup nomination. The trailer doesn't really make it clear.

2. Star Trek- Barney Burman, Mindy Hall and Joel Harlow (all 0 for 0)

All new to the ceremony, the Trek team created some memorably seamless looking alien prosthetics- Vulcan ears, Romulan noses, and so on. Other than a campy throwback green-skinned girl, I found their work delightful.

3. The Young Victoria- Jon Henry Gordon (0 for 0) and Jenny Shircore (1 for 1)

Can we all agree to move past period pieces for Best Makeup? Come on, people. We get it, queens wore a lot of powder on their faces (Shircore's win being for Elizabeth). Did her hand suddenly turn into an alien tentacle? No?

That said, hairstyling is supposed to count for this award as well, and I sure they deserve it on that front.

Star Trek seems like a sure winner to me- biggest fan base, most unique work, and it's got the "looked over for Best Picture" vibe going on.

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