So, I took a week off

...and I felt horrible about it. Are you happy now?

But seriously, one of those lags that might have just kept on to a month or so before will end at just one week, I promise. I feel a strange obligation to my 6 Blogger followers and 7 Google Reader subscribers (hey, you guys! You're all awesome!), not to mention the people who just keep googling "kinematoscope" to get back here (according to my stats this happens six times a day or so). I'm still number two to the Wikipedia entry for the kinematoscope, btw. ::Shakes fists:: WIKIPEDIA!!!

Anyway, some moving image things I've been up to:

1. My friend Kate spent a week or so vehemently recommending the recent HBO miniseries "Generation Kill," which I got from the library and devoured in a weekend- immediately I found the show to be on par with The Hurt Locker as an unflinching account of the reality of Operation Iraqi Freedom, only even more because it's FREAKING TRUE!

And it did recently get 10 Emmy nominations, so I definitely insist you watch it. The best part is it's only seven episodes, so it's not the lifelong investment that The Wire represents (a similarly much-ballyhooed show of social consciousness from the same creators).

2. Movies I have seen recently in theaters: Inglorious Basterds, District 9, and a local midnight showing of Jurassic Park at which a troupe of weirdos acted the film out, Rocky Horror style in front of the screen.

These movies were, respectively, pretty good, totally awesome, and oddly fun, but I really didn't feel a whole review or post generating from them. There are so many reviews out there, I'll wait until I get credentials to bother you with my opinions on new releases in long form.

3. On tv randomly last night: 1988's The Vampire's Kiss, an absolutely ludicrous Nicolas Cage movie in which he plays a pompous literary editor who may or may not be turning into a vampire.

The common theory seems to be that he just lost his mind sometime in the mid to late nineties and started over-acting in terrible pieces of camp, but clearly he had that capability all along. Just check out the highlights:

People were paid money to make that. I swear, it's true.

Coming up this week on your friend neighborhood kinematoscope: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The Conversation, Ed Wood, more taglines of course (I wrote all those out a whole bunch in advance because they're so much fun), and perhaps more...

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