The Countdown: Burgeoning Competition

As I did when I started this journey, I decided to scan the inter-webs for other people who have embarked on similar quests. And while the ones that were limping along more than a year ago have floundered out of regular updating, there are some new people attempting similar epic movie-marathons with me.

A pair of buddies at The 250 Rundown blog announced a two-person contest to watch the whole list at the end of July. They've been posting dueling recaps of a couple of paragraphs or so, with movie posters at the top, and have covered 10 randomly-ordered entries in the top 250 so far. They've also decided to post their own 1-10 ratings to contrast with imdb's (and have collectively rated Sin City an 18 out of 20 and The Graduate 1 out of 20, to give you an idea of their tastes).

And then we have two pronouncements of intention with no followup- essentially the imdb countdown equivalent of orphaned tweets. This blogger preludes her boyfriend's idea to watch the whole list, and her intent to blog along the way- this was post eleven days ago, so perhaps content is forthcoming.

And someone else posted a similar announcement to countdown (actually countdown, like me: 250 to 1) the 250, and they even registered the domain to do it, which is more than I can say for myself. That was June 22, though, so I'm not going to hold my breath.

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