In all fairness, a quick search of the internet reveals that I'm not the only one out there to think of the 250 countdown idea:

This guy has got through 29 so far, but he just writes one paragraph and then copies and pastes Wikipedia summaries or somesuch. Plus all of his in between posts are thinly veiled advertisements, or something. Also he started at the beginning- how boring is that?

Another person who started at the beginning and didn't get too far at all. Also she thinks that the AFI top 100 list should have more foreign movies on it...

One more who just did a paragraph and copied a summary, and then stopped at two. Nice.

Also, there's my antonym doing the bottom 100- which is not too bad, but what's with the bears? Though it apparently stalled at #77 back in April, anyway.

Does this mean I'm the de-facto cream of the crop for indulgent imdb-related list blogs? I think it does. But don't take my word for it- tune in tomorrow for Harold And Maude to find out.

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