Oscar Week, Day 2: More Techs

Today, we'll look at some of the artier tech awards, and of course we'll also form some definite opinions that will turn out to be way off!

Best Makeup

Barney's Version- Adrien Morot (0/0)
The Way Back- Edouard F. Henriques (0/2), Greg Funk (0/0), Yolanda Toussieng (2/3)
The Wolfman- Rick Baker(6/11), Dave Elsey (0/1)

Research for this category revealed a fun fact: there is an Oscar-winning makeup artist (Braveheart) named 'Peter Frampton'! I think that must have an effect on that guy's life that is the exact opposite of the fictional 'Michael Bolton' in Office Space.

Anyhow- we meet again, Rick Baker. Will your flashy, more-is-more approach to hair and claws beat out two films that no one has seen? Of course it will.

Though the blistering heat-stroke of The Way Back (which I saw) and aging effects in Barney's Version (which I didn't) may be fine enough, Baker is this category's only superstar- and he took the inaugural win in it for An American Werewolf in London, besides.

Best Art Direction

Alice in Wonderland- Robert Stromberg (1/2), Karen O'Hara (0/1)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1- Stuart Craig (3/8), Stephenie McMillan (1/3)
Inception Guy Hendrix Dyas, Larry Dias, Douglas A. Mowat (all 0/0)
The King's Speech- Eve Stewart (0/1), Judy Farr (0/0)
True Grit- Jess Gonchor (0/0), Nancy Haigh (1/5)

It would seem that the heavyweights in this category are the Harry Potter team, but Oscar logic dictates that they will have to wait for the last film in the series to add another win (so mark that in for next year).

Look for The King's Speech to pick this up on its way to a near-sweep. True Grit feels like the only possible spoiler to me, if voters are feeling nostalgic for America instead of Britain.

Best Costume Design

Alice in Wonderland- Colleen Atwood (2/8)
I Am Love- Antonella Cannarozzi (0/0)
The King's Speech- Jenny Beavan (1/8)
The Tempest- Sandy Powell (3/8)
True Grit- Mary Zophres (0/0)

Three heavyweights in this category, but do we even need to think about it? If there's a category that loves British royalty movies even more than the Academy at large, it's this one, so put another in The King's Speech column. True Grit seems like the potential spoiler here as well, mostly because recent winners Atwood and Powell both worked on critically frowned-upon films.

Best Animated Feature

How To Train Your Dragon
The Illusionist
Toy Story 3

Included here with little fanfare because there's nothing left to say about Pixar and its dominance. Hopefully the upcoming Cars 2 will be terrible and we can all take glee in how they've sold out.

Coming up later today: Score and Song, which I always have a lot to say about.

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