This Week In Actual Movie Taglines


Actual tagline: The most dangerous killers on the planet... but this is not our planet.

OR: Fear is Reborn

Thanks for trying, first tagline, but I don't think you need to work overtime selling the "mercenaries brought into fight predators" concept. That would be like Alien Vs. Predator trying to work the under the ice pyramid of death into its taglines.

Though "Fear is Reborn" seems to imply that this is a remake, rather than a thirteen-years-later sequel- not that it makes a difference, really.

Despicable Me

Actual tagline: Superbad. Superdad.

I couldn't shrug more at this one. Villain meets adorable moppet-children, has basic change of heart about villainy, yawn. Why couldn't he teach these orphans how to be super-villains themselves, in a spiritual sequel to The Professional? That I would see.

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