This Week In Actual Movie Taglines


Actual tagline: It all begins... With a choice

Does it? Good to know that three movies into the franchise, Bella will make her first decision. Hey is it just me or does everyone on the Twilight posters look they're in the weird afterlife in Wristcutters (great movie, bad title) where you're physically incapable of smiling?

I bet in that world the Twilight movies play ALL THE TIME!

The Last Airbender

Actual tagline: Four nations, one destiny

Sounds cool enough- if only it was directed by someone else. For all the excitement over M. Night Shyamalan finally put his talents to work directing instead of originating concepts, I couldn't be less excited to see him work with child actors. He's already an ace at getting stiff, wooden line readings out of polished adults- what happens when that's the starting point?

Also it's sad that even funnyman Aasif Mandvi can't address the whitewashing controversy head-on.

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