This Week In Actual Movie Taglines

A look at the taglines for this week's major releases. How do studios try to hook us when they only have a sentence?

Death At A Funeral

Actual tagline: This is one sad family.

Blah blah oddly generic tag for such a specifically-marketed film- HOLY SH*T this was directed by Neil Labute? WTF?

You could do an entire series called "Actual Films Made By Once-Promising Director Neil Labute," and it would now include this as well as The Wicker Man, Lakeview Terrace, and Nurse Betty.


Actual tagline: I can't (fly/read your mind/be invisible/see through walls). But I can kick your ass.

Those would be interchangeable parts in the first sentence, variations on the same theme.

People are excited for this, for some reason. I don't have any sort of opinion on our desensitization to extreme violence or anything, but doesn't this have Nicolas Cage?

Is he cool again? Like in an ironic way?

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