Introducing the Internet Movie Database Top 250 Project!

We all know of imdb- the go to place for any movie discussion on the web, an exhaustively complete and maintained reflection of the cinephile in us all. What do we, the internet people, the denizens of net 2.0, consider the best movies of all time and why? How did these things get there, and what do they mean?

Also, is there a project I can embark upon that will take more than a year to complete? Yes, yes there is.

So here it goes- I propose, each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday here on Kinematoscope, to countdown the list of all (that’s right, every last one of them) 250 movies as voted on by imdb users, and thereby you, the people.

I propose to examine the cultural significance of each one, and really get down to it- is it really that good? Does it deserve to be where it is? Is it a movie we perceive as good but aren’t really that impressed by when it’s on the screen, or is it a movie that we kind of roll our eyes at but get swept up in every time it’s on TNT? Not to spoil the end for you, but I may take issue with The Godfather and its pretty perch up there at number one. Sorry, haters.

A note- I copied the list on July 3rd, 2008- and that’s the one I’ll be using, unless something crazy happens. And I already wrote the first one of the series, and it’s around 1,600 words. So look forward to a year and a half long, 400,000 word project when everything's all said and done.

I’m nothing if not ambitious.

First up on the docket:

Monday: 250- Out Of The Past

Wednesday: 249- Harold And Maude

Friday: 248- Shaun Of The Dead

- this project will be in no way affiliated with or endorsed by, but I’m just assuming they won’t really mind. Someone is already doing this for the bottom 100, but it’s not terribly in depth and I’m not sure if English is their primary language. So call me unoriginal, but I hope that this will be fun to read, and to write.

1 Response to "Introducing the Internet Movie Database Top 250 Project!"

  1. Michael says:

    Hey I started doing this at around the same time, but without the bloggin aspect, and I started from the top instead... I'm about halfway through now. It's a pretty good list with a lot of variety, and I love that it's not compiled by experts, but just a massive amount of movie watchers.

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