Moon! Omigodomigodomigomigod!

We interrupt regular programming to bring you a trailer, a trailer that made my jaw hang in slack astonishment due to sheer awesomeness.

To review, what kind of films do I love? One: science fiction films. Two: films that star Sam Rockwell. Three: films with a great score. Four: films that look artfully done that were well received at Sundance.

What I told you there was a film starring Sam Rockwell about a man all alone on a mining base on the moon, scored by Clint Mansell (of Requiem For A Dream fame) that basically looks like Primer but with a bigger budget and better acting?

I mean, not only does it star Sam Rockwell, his name is BEFORE the title! That's how much it stars Sam Rockwell. I just, I can't even begin to, OMG just watch the trailer:

Other things that are awesome: There is a robot with the voice of Kevin Spacey. Yeah. Sam Rockwell mysteriously finds a duplicate of himself- THERE ARE TWO SAM ROCKWELLS. Visually, it looks a lot like the movie Sunshine but with the moon instead of the sun, and I loved Sunshine visually. It is directed by a first-time director named Duncan Jones, which is the name of a dude I met two weeks ago and also my first name. Sam Rockwell's character is named Sam.

I think I might watch this trailer a flobbity-jillion more times. Moon will be in limited theaters on June 12th (and probably in Milwaukee in July or something, although if you don't think I'd drive to Chicago to see it sooner than that you're clearly a fictional person who didn't just read the above hyperventilating with awesomeness).

That is all.

ETA: URgh....must....have...poster....gah!

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