Kinematoscope Status Report!

Just so we're all keeping track, is now the number two result on Google for the search "kinematoscope"! (What does it take to beat Wikipedia? Damn.)

The IMDB countdown continues uninterrupted Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays- this coming week will see a Woody Allen movie I pretty much liked, a Clint Eastwood drama I was probably too harsh on, and an early Mike Nichols character piece that's depressing as hell. I also finally figured out the whole "putting text behind a cut" thing for Blogger (you have go mess with the html- there's no simple tag like on Livejournal, because no one at Google knows what they're doing. So future posts will not require lots of scrolling if you prefer not to read them! Web 2.0 baby!

I've been thinking- why limit Kinematoscope to just movies? Can't I expand this here blog into a media empire? I'm mulling things over here, to put it one way. Let's just say that is available, and I'm getting a good tax return this year. And I'm crazy, keep that in mind as well.

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