Best Picture Rankings

Selections from mine and my friend Dave's recent email chain, wherein we rank the prospective Best Picture Nominees. Purely for our own amusement. Because we are that into the Oscars.

ME: "Aaaaaand another one bites the dust! Australia was clearly on the fringe anyway, but it's clearly not a BP contender. In my opinion, we are left with eight films for five spots: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (favorite), Milk (dark horse), The Dark Knight (popular vote), Slumdog Millionaire (Indie darling), Frost/Nixon (Traditional choice), Doubt (Streep Factor), Revolutionary Road (Titanic Nostalgia), and The Reader (H-Caust factor).

Wall-E seems to be on the outside looking in, sadly, unless four of the above open to sub-par reviews/enthusiasm (which, based on pre-release buzz, seems possible for The Reader or Revolutionary Road, but unlikely for Button, Doubt, or Frost/Nixon. Milk, Millionaire, and Dark Knight have the numbers already).

Just for fun, a ranking:

1. Button, 2. Milk, 3. Frost/Nixon, 4. Dark Knight, 5. Doubt, 6. Slumdog Millionaire, 7. Revolutionary Road, 8. The Reader, 9. Wall-E, 10. Rachel Getting Married, 11. Defiance, 12. The Wrestler, 13. Gran Torino, 14. Changeling... 2576. The Happening."

DAVE: We should have a Best Picture Power Ranking. I would go:

1.) Benjamin Button. 2.) Frost/Nixon. 3.) The Dark Knight. 4.) Milk. 5.) Slumdog Millionaire. 6.) Doubt. 7.) Revolutionary Road. 8.) Wall-E. 9.) The Wrestler. 10.) Rachel Getting Married. I will not add anymore because Defiance and Changeling's reviews have not been friendly. Gran Torino? I say no.

The Happening for Razzies. Can we launch a campaign for that? 'Worst On Screen Duo'? Mark Wahlberg and Plastic Plant. I demand an acceptance speech that goes, 'Hey Plastic Plant, good to see you. How's it going? Been a while since The Happening. What's with that about? (Pause) All right, well, say hi to your mother for me.'"

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