New Beginnings

It's a time of transition, internet type people. Last September I took a class, a class about the internet. I started a blog, a blog about movies.

It was fun. A few people read it. I had an excuse to see lots of films.

I spent about an hour looking for a blogger URL that was catchy but not taken, something related to film... I eventually found open. It was exactly the title I needed. But it turns out there was already a Reverse Shot film website, with a homepage and their own blog and everything, and there was no way I was displacing them on Google. After six months, my Reverse Shot is only number 23 on Google for "Reverse Shot."

Such is life. So- new name (still film related, if you know your Edison), new site, new things. Will this stay strictly film-centric? Will it encompass all of pop-culture-dom? Will I eventually create an online media empire and topple The Onion AV Club and Who knows?

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